Image for LIBERTY's new branding roll-out gathers pace

The national rebranding of the LIBERTY businesses with a unified logo and LIBERTY flame can be seen on sites, vehicles and staff uniforms all around the country.

Evidence of the national rebranding roll-out can be seen at a number of sites, all of which are being unified under a shared brand identity, as well as on staff clothing and company vehicles. 

LIBERTY Metalcentre’s Mayfield, Newcastle, branch is one of the first sites to receive the new branding. The extensive façade of the Mayfield branch, situated on Newcastle’s Industrial Drive, one of the city’s busiest arterial roads, is the perfect platform to showcase the company's updated look.

Other sites, such as the LIBERTY Recycling site in Hexham, are among the facilities to have received the new branding. 

The LIBERTY flame can also be seen on a number of rebranded delivery trucks and utes that are already on the road making deliveries and providing services to customers.

 The rebranding roll-out is expected to be completed by mid-2019.